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Hi! I’m Jermaine…Here’s Why I Wrote This Free E-Book


While pursing my doctorate in Rhetorical Theory, I spent 6 years as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.


Prior to those 6 years, I was a graduate T.A. for two years while I pursued my M.A. in Communication Studies.


I’ve also held adjunct teaching positions at community and for-profit colleges.


Being a teacher in front of a class has always felt natural to me.  I have been fortunate to be awarded and recognized for Excellence in Teaching, Excellence in Mentoring, and Excellence in Service. Read more about those here: Award Page


But along the way I noticed that many of my colleagues and friends struggled to feel natural and relaxed when they taught.  They had the same “training” as myself.  They used the same instructor’s manual.  They attended the same teaching effectiveness workshops.


But yet, the T.A. offices filled with commiserative venting about their teaching performance, student performance, or simply the struggle to balance life, their studies, and teaching duties.


Graduate school has a way of testing your confidence.  It’s high pressure.  There are both inner expectations and outer expectations you are working to live up to. Second guessing yourself is a time honored tradition of generations of graduate students, especially at prominent research universities.


If you have never taught before, then teaching becomes just one more challenge to your confidence.


Despite all the workshops, all the training, the weekly meetings with course directors, and commiseration with colleagues, I realized that there is no real, practical advice available specifically for first year teaching assistants on how to discover inner confidence in the classroom.


Over the past three years I have been working as a life coach with a company called The Attraction Institute.  They are a company helping people find inner confidence, naturally. There is an interesting story about how I found them.  You can read about that here [link to a post]. And you can hear and read testimonies from clients I’ve helped to feel more natural and confident here [link to post].  I’ve now started to move on to offering personal coaching on my own.  You can hear and read testimonials here [link to post].


My life-coaching experience has helped me discover proven ways that can help the inner confidence issues many first year T.A.s are face in high pressured graduate programs.


I wrote a FREE E-book that offers practical advice on how to discover inner confidence as a graduate teaching assistant…


The Way of the Graduate T.A.

Find Purpose, Find Confidence

Something Something Something

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