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What is Jermaine Martinez.Com?

This website is my coaching website.  It’s where you can learn more about my own personal journey through self-transformation and more about my own coaching philosophy.  There will be articles to read, a blog roll, and sign ups for coaching programs and services.

Who Am I?

20150715_103435I am Jermaine Martinez.  I have a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Illinois.  I’ve published on happiness, suicide, and my dissertation was on depression.

I am a personal development coach with the Attraction Institute.

My journey began 5 years ago when I fell into a dark deep depression at age 35. Another relationship had fallen apart and I began to worry that I had missed my chance at ever meeting the woman of my dreams.

I was afraid to go out and meet women.  I just settled for whatever came my way.  I rarely challenged myself in any area of my life.  I felt powerless, disconnected, and just wanted to spend my days sleeping so I wouldn’t have to deal with it all.

I felt insignificant.  I felt weak.  I felt like I had no way out of the fact that I was getting older and I still had not learned how to handle my life.  I was lost.  I was empty.

I would beat myself up daily through negative and suicidal self-talk.  Until one day, I beat myself up physically.  I punched a wall in pain and frustration and broke my hand.  That’s when I knew that if I did not make some changes I’d die…


Today Things Are Much Different

After finding the Attraction Institute, I began working on my “inner game.”

In the process, I learned how to not only be more openly expressive and free with women, but also how to experience connection with people and experience empowerment in all areas of my life.

11220821_10155519860525471_1999828118925659406_nSince learning how to work any issues and barriers I might face dealing with family, friends, women, or just my own free time, I no longer experience my life in deep, dark, and depressing ways.

I no longer feel like my life is not in my control.10424314_10154811178705471_8268378329876700007_n

I no longer allow fear, uncertainty, or anxiety stop me from doing what I want.

I have learned how to recognize the best actions for me to take in any moment of challenge or pain I might face.

I have developed the courage to take those actions.

For a guy whose life for over 15 years tended to lapse into sadness and self-loathing over the fact that he felt so alone and powerless to change it, this has been my most significant transformation.

Today I am looking to teach and coach others who are seeking to feel more in control of their lives, who are ready to make serious and lasting changes to their lives.206372_10152665494875471_163004816_n

…But Don’t Take My Word For It…

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A Personal Coaching Client & Attraction Institute’s Be Powerful Program Graduate


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